Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dreaming a theatre into being

So last night, instead of sleeping, I designed our lobby. Played with color schemes and worried over lighting. I came up with some group sales ideas. I even imagined what I would wear to the gala opening! All fun - far more fun than the logjam of paperwork we're amassing as we negotiate the deep legal waters.

But here's a question for any and all - what would YOUR perfect theatre looks like? What would it produce? Where would it be located? How would you be involved? Give us your opinions, please. Help us dream this anvil off the ground!

1 comment:

  1. You know where I think it ought to be located. There hasn't been a theatre out west since the West Side Dinner theatre. It was a falling down barn with a gravel parking lot but there was a still an audience, more than just the actors families too :). Lots of parties at Christmas time and New Years. I do think that there would need to be some family shows and some comedies, oldies that are proven but aren't that well known. But it depends on what your dreams are because that is where your passion is and you have to follow that or it will end up being an empty dream.