Friday, January 7, 2011

Wild Dreams

Have you ever had someone call your bluff?

I have.  And it’s making me nervous.

Years ago in New York City I took one of those jobs that actors take to help pay the rent. And although the job was short term (handing out Virginia Slims cigarettes at Kennedy airport – remember those days?)  that gig had a long term impact on my life.

Two other young women had also been hired to hand out cigarettes.  One of those women was tall.  I took an instant liking to her.  We decided to stand together in one section of the airport (Two Tall Women) while the other woman (okay, she was short) went off somewhere, never to be heard of again.

The second day of work all of our cigarette samples were stolen.  Our boss told us to keep showing up, more samples would be delivered. They never were.  Instead Jayne and I had a two week long coffee break. We discussed everything from our current relationships (hot, volatile, bleak, so very 20’s) to our long term aspirations (grand, large, filled with confetti and glitter.) 

I’m not sure we actually discussed starting a theatre at that time – but I know I would have been nodding my head and saying “Yes, great idea!” if the topic had come up.  So it was at a little coffee shop at JFK that the seeds of the Flying Anvil were first planted.

Flash forward to 2011.  I’m in the process of moving to Knoxville.  Jayne and I are in the process of starting a theatre.  I’m excited.  I’m scared.  My bluff has been called.

I found an entry in my journal yesterday that says “In order to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, you need some wild expectations.”  We’ve got those in spades. Now let’s see what cards we’re dealt.

Have you ever had your bluff called?  How did you respond?



  1. That's terrific! Can't wait till you get moved to K-town, get dug in, and start seeing the physical reality come to be! I can't think of two people that have a better chance at succeeding at what, I'm sure, much seem like a Gargantuan task at this point. You're both very special to me and if there's anything--and I mean anything--I can do to help (either there or here), lemme know. Muah! Michael (Russell)

  2. When I was out in Sonora CA at Stage 3 for PANAMA I saw an exhibition of Anvil-something-with-dyamite. Can't remember what they called it, but it was a re-enactment at one of the old gold rush towns where people appeared in period dress and did things like they did in the old days. It seems the miners entertained themselves by putting gun powder or dynamite powder(?) between two anvils and lighting it up. The anvil would jump about three feet into the air. Looks like you got a little more altitude there.

    Good luck with this. Hope the theater flies as high.

  3. Thanks - Michael and Mike - for your comments and interest. And MF - yes - you witnessed a flying anvil. Which means you have been blessed by the anvil gods. Just be sure to stand back! - Staci

  4. I mis-read Mike's comment as "looks like you got a little more attitude there."

    That too.